You may have heard of a little get-together happening in Chicago June 23-26th, 2015.  And by little get-together, I, of course, mean the biggest baddest Social Media and Critical Care Conference in existence coming to the U.S of A for the very first time.  If you haven't heard of the SMACC conference, take a look at their conference webpage  -


Pretty dang awesome looking hunh?  The only thing that could make it more awesome would be winning a free registration by making a 5 minute video on your favorite piece of critical care equipment.  If you find yourself interested in winning a free registration or just want use some technologic voodoo to teach the world about a piece of equipment you love, take a look at the Equipment Video Online (EVO) contest webpage -

While your there take a look at the great videos that have already been submitted - one on Minnesota Tube placement (from Hennepin no less), one on the EnFLOW fluid warmer (from Dr. Tim Leeuwenburg), and one on a directional suction device. 

There's a new winner every month so submit your own and get in on your chance to win a free registration to #SMACCUS

Dr Steuerwald, Rick Jaime, and myself were fortunate enough to be selected as the August winners.  Take a look at our video on setting up an arterial line and using it not to measure blood pressure but to check compartment pressures.