About the Editors

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Jeffery Hill, MD M.Ed

Assistant Professor,
Assistant Residency Director
University of Cincinnati, Department of Emergency Medicine


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Ryan LaFollette, MD

Assistant Professor,
Assistant Residency Director
University of Cincinnati, Department of Emergency Medicine

Flight Physician / Retrievalist, UC Health Air Care & Mobile Care


Bill Hinckley, MD FACEP CMTE

Associate Professor
University of Cincinnati, Department of Emergency Medicine

Flight Physician / Retrievalist & Air Medical Director, UC Health Air Care & Mobile Care
Immediate Past President, Air Medical Physician Association


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Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to creating a vibrant, multimodal, and supportive learning environment that fosters the acquisition of knowledge, the clinical application of that knowledge, and life long learning skills necessary to becoming a master clinician.

Commenting Guidelines

We welcome and encourage respectful and professional commenting on blog content.  To avoid Spam, commenting on posts greater than 30 days old has been disabled.  The editors of the site are informed when new comments are posted.  Comments that are defamatory in nature will be removed.

Editorial Guidelines/Process

Pre-Publication Peer Review Badge

Pre-Publication Peer Review Badge

We are committed to producing high quality educational material.  Any and all material posted to the site is reviewed by the editors prior to it's publication.  Whenever possible a pre-publication peer review process is used.    Similar to the process outlined by Thoma, et al (1), prior to publication edits and comments to posts in process are solicited from expert peer reviewers.  To be considered an expert peer reviewer, the individual should meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Published author (textbook, textbook chapter, peer-reviewed journal articles) in the subject area
  2. National speaker in subject area
  3. Received specialty training (i.e. post-residency fellowship training) in the subject area

The author of the post incorporates the feedback from the peer review process, revising their post as needed.  A final review is conducted by the editor(s) prior to publication.  

Any additional comments from the expert peer reviewer(s) will be published in the comments section simultaneously with publication of the post.

HIPAA Compliance

This blog is HIPAA compliant.  Any and all clinical scenarios involving patients have either been manufactured through the imagination of the authors or have been de-identified by the Department of Health and Human Services Safe-Harbor Guidelines.  http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/coveredentities/De-identification/guidance.html  Informed consent has been obtained for any patient photos hosted on the site.  Should you have concern about a patient scenario or photo, please contact the website editors immediately.

Privacy Notice

Information including email addresses and contact information provided to the website authors will not be shared with 3rd party vendors.

Terms of Use

Use of this blog and its associated media does not constitute the establishment of a physician-patient relationship.  Content posted on this site is NOT medical advice and should not be used to treat patients or yourself.  The website authors shall not be held responsible for any damages sustained from the use of this website.  The information on this website should not be used to establish standard care or standards of practice for the purposes of legal procedures.  The opinions expressed on the website are the opinions of the website and content authors alone and do not represent the policies or opinions of the University of Cincinnati, UC Physicians, UC Health, or University of Cincinnati Medical Center.


Content on the site is licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License.  You are free to share and adapt the content on the site so long as it is not for commercial purposes, you provide appropriate attribution, and indicate if changes were made.  For more information see: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/


  1. Thoma, B., Chan, T., Desouza, N. & Lin, M. (2014) Implementing Peer Review at an Emergency Medicine Blog: Bridging the Gap Between Educators and Clinical Experts. CJEM. 16(0), 1-4. DOI: 10.2310/8000.2014.141393