Ode to the FOOSH

You head into your Minor Care shift, taking a moment to revel in the beautiful fall weather that has graced us late in the summer.  A cool breeze blows across your face, the dry air a welcome change from the humidity and heat that has gripped the Ohio River Valley for the past several months.  You think to yourself... it would be great to go out for a jog or bike ride today, anything to be out and enjoy the weather.  You head into the ED and, taking a look at the Minor Care board, see that a lot of other people had the same idea as you.  

You glance up and down the board noting that well over half the patients have chief complaints of "fall", "wrist pain", or "bicycle accident".  The first 3 patients you see all have had some form of a fall onto an outstretched hand: the 1st stumbled while running down some steps, the 2nd had fallen off their bike, and the 3rd had gotten tangled up in their dog's leash while out for a jog.  

You order wrist x-rays for the trio and think to yourself, "I guess it's time I freshen up on hand/wrist anatomy anyhow to read these radiographs."

Video by: Micheal Spigner, MD

Text by: Jeffery Hill, MD MEd