Enter the FOAM

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of giving a lecture on FOAM to the UC Emergency Medicine Residency.  Well, it wouldn't quite be a lecture on FOAM if I didn't make it freely available to all after I finished it all up.  You can check out the lecture slides on slideshare embedded at the bottom of the post.  I also recorded the lecture and broke it down into a series of 5-ish minute long videos which you can look at based on your area of interest.

Part 1: Introduction and A Definition of Terms

Part 2: The Theory and the FOAM

Part 3: The Twitter

Part 4: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in FOAM

Part 5: The Finale - Individualized Interactive Instruction: Where Does FOAM fit in Resident Education?

And for those looking to see the whole thing put together and click through some links, here's all the slides...