Annals of B-Pod: Winter 2016 Issue

Caring for #thewholepatient

Patients typically present to the Emergency Department with one complaint. The chart says “Headache” or “Abdominal Pain” but B-pod implores us to look closer.  B-pod teaches us that it is our job to sit down, take a few extra minutes, and look at the entire patient in front of us.

This issue (which you can download by clicking on the image to the right) we look at #thewholepatient. We look at a patient who presents with weakness and leaves with an ultimately life-ending diagnosis. We also look at a patient who presents after falling and ultimately loses her vision. While we may boil down these cases to the literature and science behind the pathology, lets not forget that the reason we show up to every B-pod shift and beyond is to care for #thewholepatient.