March Issue - Annals of B Pod

Spring is here and new beginnings are right around the corner. Step-ups are looming and we will find out the names of our new interns any day. It is time for interns to polish their efficiency, for the R2s to finish their off-service rotations in anticipation of the great variety of the SRU, the R3s to finishing refining their ability to run an effective team. The R4s #fillintheedges of their careers as residents so they can go forth as prepared attendings. In anticipation of these new beginnings, this issue of Annals of B Pod focuses on cases that #fillintheedges. The progression through residency can mirror patient interactions. Our patients presentations often have blurry edges, sometimes literally, as in our acute vision loss case. This issue of AoBP provides great examples of how every time we #fillintheedges of a patient’s story, we also #fillintheedges of our ever growing skill set as emergency medicine physicians.

Check out Dr. Harrison's Occipital Infarct Case and our collaboration with PEM Blog's Drs. Sobolewski and Vukovic and their discussion of the febrile infant