Who Gets a Pelvic Binder? Lessons from the #HEMS #FOAMed World

In our most recent post in the Air Care & Mobile Care Online Flight Physician Orientation, we talked about pelvic binding devices.  As we noted, there's generally a paucity of evidence for or against the use of a pelvic binding device in blunt trauma patients.  There are no hard and fast indications for the use of these devices.  Whenever there is a lack of evidence for a particular treatment, we find ourselves looking to experts in the field for their experience and practice patterns.  To that end, I asked some of of the #HEMS #FOAMed community to weigh in on the question and tell us their practice pattern.  You can flip through the storify below to see their responses. What did we learn? Providers from around the world tend to be pretty aggressive in applying pelvic binders.  Suspicion of fracture based on mechanism/exam/hemodynamics is more than enough for most to throw on a T-Pod or other similar device.