The Water Cooler

"The Water Cooler" is an online discussion forum where, every 6-8 weeks, residents, attendings, and MLPs discuss high-impact articles in the field of Emergency Medicine.  The discussion is meant to focus more on the clinical implications of the articles as opposed to the methodologic nuts and bolts.

After the discussion wraps up, we'll summarize the key points in a blog post bringing the discussion out from the private Google+ community and into the world of #FOAMed.  Feel free to peruse and lend your own voice to the discussion!

What are we Talking About This Month??

Up for discussion this month is a recent perspective article from Annals of Emergency Medicine - "The Opioid Prescription Epidemic and the Role of Emergency Medicine"

Much of the work we do focuses on relieving pain, but this has the consequence of increasing the supply of narcotic medications available to the public. With the number of deaths from prescription medication overdose increasing every year, how does our responsibility to the patient in front of us compare to our responsibility to the community at large?

What goes into your decision to prescribe narcotics? Do you find state guidelines or resources such as the OARRS database helpful? How do you communicate this with patients?

Recaps of Recent Water Cooler Discussions