Grand Rounds Recap - 3/11/15

Grand Rounds Recap - 3/11/15

Health Care Disparities with Dr. Ford

There is a well established distrust of the medical system by minorities, especially African Americans. The historic causes of this distrust are widespread and seen in nearly all stages of American Healthcare. A great resource is Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington. Some key examples of the use of AA in medical advances: 

1800s: Slaves referred to as "clinical material" in medical schools and journal publications. Slave bought and used for experiments and experimental surgeries including the first successful vesicovaginal fistula repair (caused by forcep deliveries) which was done without anesthesia. 

1900-1930: "malaria therapy" with fatal falciparum used to try and treat syphilis. Tuskeegee experiments- subjects recruited under false pretense of "free testing and medical treatment" for syphilis experiment with no intention to treat despite PCN being widely available. "The future of the negro lies in the research laboratory..." Patients were offered a free burial when they died from the disease so that an autopsy may be performed. "as I see it, we have no further interest in these patients until they die..."

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