Grand Rounds Summary 3/2/16

Grand Rounds Summary 3/2/16

OB-GYN Emergencies with Dr. McKinney

Case 1: 18 wk patient with vaginal spotting who is Rh- but antibody+

Bedside U/S shows fetal abnormality due to Rh alloimmunization with fetal hydrops. Positive antibody screening on gravid female should warrant obstetric consultation. Rhogam administration within 72 hours of bleeding is important.

Case 2: 40 wk female with gestational DM present with crowning fetus who fails to immediately deliver secondary to shoulder dystocia.

Treatment: stop pushing and avoid traction. Initially attempt hyperflexion of legs and suprapubic pressure to release (McRoberts maneuver). Then consider episiotomy because subsequent maneuvers involve twisting the baby to get shoulder into a different plane. 

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