Transporting Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Patients by Air Care

Siege of Paris

Siege of Paris

Many historians argue that the first use of aeromedical evacuation was during the Siege of Paris in 1870, using hot air balloons (though there seems to be some question regarding the truth of this claim).  We're still using balloons during air medical missions in 2014, albeit in a much different way.

The efficacy of IABPs has recently been called into question; see Cliff Reid's recent blog post at .  Regardless, the decision to initiate IABP therapy isn't going to be ours.  But the challenge of moving an extraordinarily sick patient receiving this therapy WILL be ours.  We must be ready.  How?

1. Complete the Maquet computer-based training at:

2. Review this ACMC IABP Logistics powerpoint, and talk through these logistics with a flight nurse.  They've had the opportunity to drill extensively.

IABP logistics

3. Review this ACMC IABP cheat sheet, lovingly and skillfully crafted by Diana Deimling, RN (thanks so much, Diana!).  Save it to your smartphone.

ACMC IABP Cheat Sheet

Happy ballooning, my friends.