EMS Scope of Practice

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Dustin Calhoun, EMS faculty member within the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Cincinnati.

Dustin had been responsible for an EMS fellow didactic session covering EMS scopes of practice and EMS licensure. While on the surface these topics may seem a bit “boring,” I found our examination of the complexities quite interesting. In fact, I found the session so useful that I asked Dustin to record this podcast with me (and I’m a former EMT!).

We both believe that a real understanding (not of all of the complexities, but an honest understanding) of these topics is critical for any EMS medical director that really wants to “walk the walk” in terms of being engaged with their EMS partners. I will liken the subjects discussed here to a physician explaining to a group of paramedics how residencies, fellowships and boards work.