The Basics of Evidence Based Clinical Practice - Asking Good Questions

"The important thing is to not stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein

Evidence Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) is a way to bring the sometimes obtuse world of evidence based medicine to the bedside.  Instead of getting lost in p-values, ANOVA, student t-tests, multivariate logistic regressions, EBCP approaches evidence based medicine always through the lens of a patient under a clinician's care.  It is a process that starts with asking carefully crafted questions and efficiently searching for answers to those questions.  Subsequent analysis of the articles found in the clinician's searching seeks to answer: are the results valid? what are the results? and finally, how can one apply the results to patient care?

In this short video, we go through the crucial initial step of the process: asking a question.  Success in asking answerable, well crafted questions begets successful search strategies.


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