Annals of B-Pod: Fall 2015 Issue

Hot off the Press!


Sometimes an issue’s theme is evident from the beginning- a well planned coordination of cases and perspectives that delivers a set message. Other times, an issue’s theme develops itself over the course of publishing the issue- a common thread manifests itself to us as editors as the issue comes together. Every so often, as was the case with this issue, AOBP ends up like a B-pod shift itself- a glimpse of the vast and varied pathophysiology that can present to us as Emergency Physcians at any point. 

Some may see the potential to treat neonatal SVT, postpartum preeclampsia, and endocarditis all in one shift as stressful, but not us. We live for the opportunities to treat this range of pathology; to counsel the parent of a sick infant, to save someone’s eyesight by diagnosing increased intraocular pressure, or tosend an asymptomatic Wellen’s to the cath lab for a life saving intervention. This issue is dedicated to all of those shifts in B-pod that leave you in awe of the range of human conditions you see and affect #allinadayswork