Lessons in Transport - Your Friend and the Bleeding Patient's Friend: TXA in trauma


TXA… What can be said about TXA that hasn’t already been said.  TXA is good for what ails you.

Nosebleed? No problem.

Menorrhagia? TXA can fix that.

Involved in a motor vehicle crash with multiple pelvic fractures, a busted up spleen, hemorrhaging internally? TXA has your back.

In this podcast, Dr. Hill, Dr. Steuerwald, and Dr. Gerecht sit down and talk through the indications for using TXA in the prehospital environment and briefly discuss some of the evidence for its use.  If you are still thirsting for some more knowledge, take a look at our previous Lessons in Transport post on TXA and the references therein.  As an aside, the podcast was recorded just prior to TXA going live on Air Care and Mobile Care.  It is now open and available for use for all your trauma patients who meet the inclusion criteria and who don’t have any contraindications (see the Air Care and Mobile Care policy for a listing of all of these).

We are super pumped about having TXA available to help care for our patients in the field.  The only thing that might be able to exceed our excitement over having it, would be having thawed plasma in the field as well...