Not Your Typical REBOA Podcast...

Example REBOA Flowsheet

Example REBOA Flowsheet

This is not your typical REBOA podcast. This is a discussion on logistics. This podcast is all about issues that flight teams or critical care transport teams need to consider when transporting a patient who has a REBOA place.

Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) is an innovative life saving technique in a patient with non-compressible torso hemorrhage. The rational behind REBOA is aortic occlusion via the femoral artery which supports myocardial and cerebral perfusion. As more and more institutions start to place REBOA catheters inevitably a patient is going to need to be transferred to a regional trauma center. These are some considerations to prepare your team to fly REBOA.

In this podcast, we interview Dr. Justin McLean (@wildernessMD) from Denver Health, who has been lecturing around the country on this topic.

How do you secure REBOA for transport? How do you manage the REBOA spaghetti mess? What are the effects of altitude? What about bleeding, documentation and the crashing REBOA patient? We even step into the political minefield of who should be performing REBOA.