CLinical Quality Improvement (CQI) Summaries

Flight Crew Members: access complete CQI notes here

Air Care Series

Monthly installment of Air Care topics and pointers that will fall under one of four categories:

  1. Core Content: includes key knowledge all flight providers should know

  2. "Thoughts from the Front Lines" (TFTFL): interviews with experts in the field of flight med

  3. "How on Earth do I?" (HOEDI): descriptions of rare and fear-inducing procedures that may need to be performed during a flight

  4. "Critical Care in the Air" (CCITA): focuses on the logistics of critical care transport

This series is targeted to learners of all levels.  Much of what we discuss is targeted specifically to our program and helicopter layout; however, the knowledge itself is still very generalizable.  We hope you will enjoy the content and use it to help improve the care we give our patients during flight!

other training-required blog posts

The collection below represents a few more foundational blog posts to further equip our flight-physicians-in-training

quarterly hems literature

Lessons in Transport

Prehospital Care Podcast Series

The UC Division of EMS has recorded a series of podcasts to celebrate EMS Week 2016.  We are honored to be able to engage EMS Providers throughout the world with this forum.  If you practice pre-hospital medicine, we would like to say thank you and that we appreciate everything you do to provide a high level of care to ill and injured patients in a wide variety of austere environments.